Thy is something very special.....

Thy is an area in Northwest Jutland with lots of water and large expanses. Sea, fjord, large lakes, beaches, dunes and small unique villages full of zealots characterize the area. And then there is a LOT to experience…

Thy National Park

In the small villages such as Nørre Vorupør and Stenbjerg, you can still see fishermen pulling their boats up onto the beach, as they have done for hundreds of years.

If you want to be blown away by one of the site's most beautiful views, we recommend a trip to Lodbjerg lighthouse, from where you have a view over the sea and the large heath and plantation area, in the middle of which the tower is located.

You can experience National Park Thy both by bicycle, mountain bike, on foot or from horseback via the park's routes.

Read more about National Park Thy here

National Park Center Thy

National Park Center Thy volunteer national park hosts welcome guests and locals, and help them well on their way to great nature experiences in Denmark's largest wilderness.

The 700 m2 welcome center is carefully built into the existing dune. The construction process may look violent, but the dune will be recreated.

The building contains a 300 m2 communication room, where a landscape model gives an overview of the landscape's character, paths, towns, experiences and stories. The center will be open to visitors for most of the year, and it will be staffed by volunteer hosts – as is also the case in the information center at Stenbjerg Landingsplads and Lodbjerg Lighthouse.

There are also new public toilet facilities in connection with the national park center that will be open almost 24 hours a day all year round.

Vesterhavsgade 168, Nørre Vorupør, 7700 Thisted


Lodbjerg Fyr

Lodbjerg Lighthouse is located in the middle of a large heath and plantation area and from the top of the lighthouse there is a wide view over the dunes and the sea.

The lighthouse was built in 1883 and lit for the first time on November 28, 1884. The lighthouse is 35 meters high and the light has a height of 48 meters above sea level.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse is a so-called ducking lighthouse, which with its powerful light at night has supported ships' navigation and navigation in coastal waters. Lodbjerg Lighthouse still lights up with two white flashes every night, 20 seconds apart.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse reopened in May 2019 after a thorough restoration.

Access to the lighthouse is available for a fee. From here there is a view of the beautiful National Park Thy.

After a trip to the lighthouse, there is the option of a hike in Thy. There is a marked path that leads to the high dune Penbjerg.

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 07.00 - 21.00


If you move further up the coast, approx. 30 minutes' drive from Hanstholm, you will encounter a spectacular sight. A 47 meter high lime stone cliff, from which there is a fantastic view. Here you can really feel the harsh nature and history.


There is a rich birdlife on Bulbjerg. The North Atlantic gull Riden breeds in large numbers on the cliff ledges, but also the rarer Mallemuk.


Around the dunes you can see many bunkers from World War 2, where the place was a listening and radar post for the German gun emplacements at Hanstholm.


Se folder og card over Bulbjerg here

cold hawaii

Cold Hawaii is one of Europe's best surf spots - as many as 29 good surf spots along the coast in Thy. Here the surfers enjoy some particularly good wind conditions, reminiscent of those in Hawaii.

The town of Klitmøller is known as the center for the best surf spots in Cold Hawaii. The place was discovered by surfers in the 1980s, and since then it has developed from a small fishing village into a surfer colony with an exciting and creative environment.

Since 2010, the city has hosted the Cold Hawaii PWA World Cup with the world's best windsurfers, and in addition several conventions and events are held every year.

But Klitmøller is definitely not just for surfers. The small town by the big sea is also attractive to tourists, permanent residents, entrepreneurs and creative souls who have acquired a taste for the small society in the magnificent nature, where there is room for everyone.


Delicious local ingredients

In Thy, many eateries focus on good local produce.

In Agger you will find Agger Darling, whose motto is - "here you get all the food we like best".

At Stenbjerg Kro you can order a very special "National Park Menu" and at Det gamle Røgeri in Hanstholm and Thisted you can sink your teeth into a shooting star so big that only a few people can eat it.

At the Hanstholm lighthouse at the top of the national park is a little pearl with a fantastic view of the sea - Hanstholm Madbar. An intimate place with a relaxed atmosphere, where there is room for everyone.

If you like pancakes, Kesses Hus in Klitmøller serves some particularly wonderful ones.

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